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6.0kg front loader 1,000 spm Spin Speed A+Power Consumption LED Display 12 Programs Super Eco W..
KES 57,995.00
Reliable durability and excellent fabric care: Keeps clothes completely free of mold and bacteria. ..
KES 64,995.00 KES 61,995.00
Performance meets design: Minimal frame allows it to fit perfectly within a modern style living spac..
KES 59,995.00
Enhance your life: Maintains superior performance without the need for hot water... a true eco-clean..
KES 76,995.00 KES 67,995.00
7 cu. ft. Dimensions: 532mm (W) x 1209mm (H) x 594mm (D) 212 litres capacity Direct cooling Lock..
KES 33,495.00 KES 30,995.00
8.5 cu. ft. Dimensions: 532mm (W) x 1519mm (H) x 594mm (D) 223 litres capacity Direct Cooling Sta..
KES 36,495.00 KES 33,995.00
Refresh your world with natural goodness: Increases cooling efficiency for longer freshness. ..
KES 54,995.00 KES 47,995.00
Unparalleled Performance: Greater flexibility, superior organization and more convenient. ..
KES 58,995.00 KES 51,995.00
10.0 cu. ft. 260 litres capacity Gross Dimensions: 600mm (W) x 640mm (D) x 1670mm..
KES 66,995.00 KES 60,995.00
Moisture-Full Freshness all over the fridge: Preserves freshness...keeps ingredients fresh for long..
KES 75,995.00 KES 72,995.00
Enjoy long-lasting freshness: Durable and energy efficient with innovative features that preserve fo..
KES 79,995.00 KES 75,995.00
Moisture maintained, freshness guaranteed: Creates a favourable environment for preserving food and ..
KES 93,995.00 KES 89,995.00
14.0 cu. ft. 375 litres capacity Gross Dimensions: 706mm (W) x 692mm (D) x 1840m..
KES 95,995.00 KES 92,995.00
16.0 cu. ft. 440 litres capacity Gross Dimensions: 744mm (W) x 766mm (D) x 186..
KES 109,995.00 KES 107,995.00
17.0 cu. ft. 455 litres capacity Gross Dimensions: 744mm (W) x 766mm (D) x 1904mm..
KES 114,995.00 KES 112,995.00
Works longer more quietly & uses less energy: It uses less energy, minimises noise and reduces w..
KES 126,995.00 KES 123,995.00
30.0 cu. ft. Dimensions: 836mm (W) x 1862mm (H) x 788mm (D) 620 litres capacity Digital Inverter ..
KES 149,995.00 KES 144,995.00
Bring freshness into your kitchen: You no longer have to empty out the fridge or freezer during..
KES 186,695.00
erfectly harmonious and stylish design: Its sleek and seamless counter-depth design will fit pe..
KES 191,495.00
More fresh space inside, more seamless style outside: More storage space without increasing the..
KES 230,995.00
Elegance and performance in a single product: Experience a whole new level of organization and ..
KES 77,695.00
The Science of Sound: Every spot is a sweet spot. Get consistently amazing sound everywhere in ..
KES 93,395.00
Powerful Bass: Set the wireless subwoofer anywhere in your space and surround yourself with ric..
KES 33,395.00
Pump up the Sound: Get the room jumping with 500 watts of power. Pump up the music and keep the..
KES 54,995.00
Intelligence Redefined: Optimizes sound, adjusts brightness to the room's environment & cus..
KES 412,995.00
Smartly Convenient: Stay comfortable, whatever the weather.R410A Gas TypeTriple Power Protectio..
KES 164,995.00
Smartly Convenient: Stay comfortable, whatever the weather.R410A Gas TypeTriple Power Protectio..
KES 194,995.00
Smartly Convenient: Stay comfortable, whatever the weather.R410A Gas TypeTriple Power Protectio..
KES 269,995.00
Powerful Cooling and Heating Experience: Stay comfortable, enjoy exceptiona..
KES 61,995.00
Powerful Cooling and Heating Experience: Stay comfortable, enjoy exceptiona..
KES 89,995.00
Powerful Cooling and Heating Experience: Stay comfortable, enjoy exceptiona..
KES 109,995.00
Tangles less, cares more: provides gentle care of fabrics without compromising washing performance. ..
KES 61,995.00 KES 59,995.00
Compact outside, huge inside: Gives you outstanding cleaning and energy savings. ..
KES 159,995.00
Delivers more cleanliness and rinsing: Its powerful, concentrated water spray ensures detergent ..
KES 69,995.00
Convenient and Efficient: Wash more clothes in one load, saving you time and effort. ..
KES 204,995.00
Elevate your TV Sound: A dedicated center channel delivers clear dialogue while the ..
KES 49,995.00
Feel the action like never before: You won't just hear the difference. You'll feel i..
KES 33,995.00
Intense black levels with clutter-free design: Discover deep, intense colours so you get an excellen..
KES 309,995.00 KES 304,995.00
Advanced Fabric Care and Cleaning: Provides gentle care on fabric.7.5kg Washing CapacityActiv Dual W..
KES 44,995.00
7.0kg Front load washer5.0kg drying capacity 1,400rpm Spin SpeedDigital Inverter MotorEco Bubble™ Te..
KES 92,995.00
Remove stubborn dirt easily: Get rid of stubborn stains with just press of a button...dirt is easily..
KES 94,995.00 KES 89,995.00
Intelligent Drying with Great Results: Uses moisture and temperature sensors to adjust the drying ti..
KES 79,995.00
Simply add during washl: Forgot a shirt? Add Wash lets you simply and quickly add forgotten clothes ..
KES 99,995.00
Guaranteed Durability: Delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and exceptionally long-las..
KES 89,995.00
Beauty and convenience to enhance your life: Designed to be a part of your home for life. ..
KES 49,995.00 KES 48,495.00
Built to last and to help your clothes last: Delivers a gently effective cleaning performance. ..
KES 106,995.00
Evenly and optimally cools every corner: Cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner so it ma..
KES 80,595.00
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