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Von 4.1CH 240W RMS Subwoofer: VES2404FS

Von 4.1CH 240W RMS Subwoofer: VES2404FS


  • 240W RMS Audio Output
  • 4.1Ch Speakers for a great audio experience
  • Enhanced Bass Extreme with 8” subwoofer for exceptional audio output
  • Satellite speakers convertible to bar for a minimalistic look
  • LED Display with Remote Control for Easy navigation
  • Connect other devices (Phone, TV etc.) via Bluetooth and enjoy superior audio output
  • FM Tuner enables you to connect to your favourite Radio station
  • Listen to your USB & SD Card music collection in the comfort of your house

Von 4.1CH 240W RMS Subwoofer Warranty

  • Warranty: 12 months

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