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Brand: Tefal Model: PP1400V0
Capacity: 150kgGraduation: 100gPlatform: Platform: Tempered GlassDigital LCD DisplayAutomatic on/offBarcode: 3121040078877..
KES 2,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV1941M0
Power: 1200W20g/min Steam Output100g/Min Steam BoostWater Tank Capacity: 220mlVertical SteamSpray FunctionNon Stick SoleplateAnti Scale SystemPrecision TipCord Length: 1.8mColour: Blue / WhiteBarcode: 3121040082973..
KES 2,795.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV1953M0
Power: 1200W20g/min Steam Output100g/min Steam BoostWater Tank Capacity: 220mlVertical SteamSpray FunctionCeramic Coloured SoleplateAnti Scale SystemCord Length: 1.8mColour: LilacBarcode: 3121040083307..
KES 2,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV1721M0
Power: 1800W (25% Eco Energy Saving)Non Stick SoleplateSteam Output 20g/minVertical SteamShot of Steam 80g/minAnti DripCord Length: 1.9mWater Tank Capacity: 200mlAnti-scale SettingColour: Green..
KES 3,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: BF563043
Power: 2400W1.7 Litres Water Level WindowHinged Lid360˚ Base PlasticScale FilterPilot LightDual Water Level GaugesColour: WhiteBarcode: 3168430063211..
KES 3,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: PP1600V0
Capacity: 160kgGraduation: 100gPlatform: Natural Wood Effect36mm Large DisplayPlate Siz: 31 x 31cmBacklight DisplayBarcode: 3121040082355..
KES 3,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: BC5000V1
0 to 5kg CalibrationAccurate to each GramTare FunctionLiquid Function (Cl/dl)Ultra Resistant Glass PlatformUltra Slim Glass DesignIntegrated Wall Hook for Easy StorageManual and Automatic On/off100% Electronic for Total ReliabilityColour: White..
KES 3,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: KO330827
Power: 2400WCapacity: 1.7 LitresRemovable Anti-scale Filter360˚ Connection BaseAssisted Opening LidDouble Water Level IndicatorOn/off Pilot FightColour: BlackBarcode: 3045386362745..
KES 4,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV1533
Power : 2100WCeramic Non-stick SoleplateVariable Steam: 25g/minShot of Steam: 100g/minWater Tank Capacity: 250mlVertical SteamAnti Drip System Anti Calc SystemSelf CleaningMedium Filling HoleCord Length: 1.9mErgonomic Steam Trigger Weight: 1.0kgColour: Red..
KES 4,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: KI150D27
Power: 2400WCapacity: 1.7 LitresRemovable Anti-scale Filter360˚ Connection BaseHinged Lid (Manual)Inside Water Level IndicatorOn/off Pilot LightColour: Stainless Steel..
KES 4,595.00
Brand: Tefal Model: KO260865
Power: 1800WCapacity: 1.7 LitresRemovable Anti-scale Filter360˚ Rotational BaseAssisted Opening LidDouble Layer InsulationCordless DesignAutomatic StopDouble Water Level IndicatorColour: Blac..
KES 4,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV1847
Power : 2400WCeramic Non-stick SoleplateVariable Steam: 40g/minShot of Steam: 120g/minWater Tank Capacity: 270mlVertical SteamSpray FunctionAnti Drip ProtectionAnti Calc SystemAutomatic SteamLarge Filling HoleCord Length: 1.95mErgonomic Steam Trigger Colour: Turquoise Blue..
KES 5,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV2831M0
Power: 2400W40g/min Continous Steam Output210g/min Steam BoostWater Tank Capacity: 270mlVertical SteamSprayAutomatic SteamCerilium SoleplateComfort HandleAnti DripPower Cord Length: 2mAnti Scale FunctionColour: Blue/White CeriliumBarcode: 3121040083376..
KES 5,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TT365027
Power: 850W2 Slice ToasterCustomized ToastingDefrost & Reheat FunctionsStop Eject FunctionRemovable Crumb TrayIndicator LightColour: Black / Stainless SteelBarcode: 3045385782520..
KES 5,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: CM442827
10 – 15 CupsPermanent FilterWindow For Water LevelLighted On / Off Switch1.25 Litres Maximum Coffee QuantityGlass CarafeSwiveling Filter HolderRemovable Filter HolderAnti DripColour: Black..
KES 5,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV5715
Power: 2400WMade in France45g/Min Continuous Steam OutputSteam Shot of 190g/MinWater Tank Capacity: 270mlDurilium Airglide SoleplateAnti Drip ProtectionVertical SteamingSpray FunctionAnti Calc FeatureCord Length: 2m..
KES 7,495.00
Brand: Tefal Model: DT8100
Power: 1500WSteam Output: Upto 24g/minMetal Steam HeadHeat Up Time: 45 SecondsPower Cord Length: 2mRemovable Water Tank Capacity: 200mlCeramic SoleplateAccesories Included: Fabric Brush, Steam BonnetColour: Deep Dive Blue / White..
KES 7,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV4964
Power: 2500WMade in FranceDurilium SoleplateSteam Shot of 150g/minVariable Steam Output 40g/minAnti Drip FunctionWater Tank Capacity: 270mlScale CollectorExtra Large Water Filling HoleStable Rest Hill Anti Scale FunctionSpray / Vertical SteamCord Length: 2mColour: Blue..
KES 7,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV6832M0
Power: 2800W50g/min Continous Steam Output260g/min Steam BoostWater Tank Capacity: 270mlVertical SteamSpray FunctionAutomatic SteamHigh Steam Output (35 to 120g/min)Durilium Airglide SoleplateComfort HandleAnti Drip SystemPrecision TipStable Rest HillCord Length: 2mScale CollectorColour: Black Glama..
KES 8,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: VF4410G0
Powerful High Performance Cooling of 55m³ on Max Setting54dB Silent Refreshment Noise Level on Min. Setting3 Adjustable SpeedsUltra Compact Design makes it easy to move and store40cm / 16inch DiameterAdjustable HeightAutomatic Oscillation3 Blades1.8m Power CordBarcode: 3121044106316..
KES 9,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV6872M0
Power: 2800WSmart Protect Plus45g/min Steam Output260g/min Steam BoostWater Tank Capacity: 270mlVertical SteamSpray FunctionDurilium Airglide SoleplateAnti Scale SystemAnti Drip SystemPower Cord Length: 2mPrecision TipStable Rest HillEco ModeAuto Shut OffColour: Dress Blue / Premium SilverBarcode: 3..
KES 9,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TI1200
Board Size: 124cm x 40cmHeight AdjustmentHeight (max): 93 cmLegs Material - Stainless SteelColour: White..
KES 9,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: GC302B28
Power: 2000WRemovable Juice TrayPower Cord Length: 1.1mCooking Surface: 600 cm² Stamped Cooking PlatesPlates Dimensions: 30 x 20 cmThermoplastic HandleBarbecue Position Colour: Inox..
KES 9,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: FV9845
Power: 3100WMade in FranceDurilium Airglide Autoclean SoleplateVertical SteamSpray FunctionSteam Shot of 260g/minVariable Steam Output 60g/min2 in 1 Microscale Filter TechnologyPower Cord Length: 2.5mWater Tank Capacity: 350mlAnti Drip SystemErgonomic Steam TriggerAnti Scale Function / Scale Collect..
KES 12,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: EY2018D27
Power: 1400WVariable Temperature from 80°C to 200°CFood Capacity: 1.2 kgRemovable BowlAuto Off FunctionMechanical TimerDishwasher SafeColour: Black..
KES 13,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TW4825HA
Suction Power: 550W75dB(A) Sound LevelTransportation Handle2.5 Litres Dust Box CapacityHigh Efficiency FilterEasy Dust RemovalTelescopic Metal TubeFloor Brush2 in1 Crevice Tool1x 360° Wheel + 2x Large Rear Wheels  Barcode: 3221616001404..
KES 14,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TW4853HA
Power: 1800WConsumption Power: 550W69dB(A) Sound Level3 Level FiltrationFoam + Cyclone + High Efficiency FilterClassic Handle with Easy Brush1x 360° Wheel + 2x Large Rear Wheels6.2m Electric Cord LengthTelescopic Metal Tube2.5 Litres Dust Box CapacityBarcode: 3221616001411..
KES 15,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: IT6540
Power: 1500WSteam Output: 30g/min360˚ Multi-position HangerXl Triangular Metal Head with Pointed TipHeat-up Time: 45 Seconds80 Minutes AutonomyRemovable Water Tank Capacity: 2.5 LitresPrecision Shot2 Wheels for Easy TransportationTelescopic Pole for Easy StorageCord Length: 2mColour: Black/Maroon..
KES 15,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: EY401D27
Power: 1500WAir Pulse TechnologyElectronic Temperature ControlFood Capacity: 1.2 kgPre-selection Cooking Time (8 Modes)Removable BowlAuto Off FunctionDigital TimerDishwasher SafeColour: Inox..
KES 16,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: IT8490M0
Power: 2000W42g/min Steam Output5 Steam SettingsHeat-up Time: 45 SecondsAdjustable PoleSteam Control on HandleRemovable Water Tank Capacity: 1.3LtrsHanger HookAuto OffAnti Scale FunctionEmpty Tank DetectorColour: BlackBarcode: 3121040077986..
KES 20,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: SV9202G0
Power: 2800WExpress Protect130g/min Steam Output520g/min Steam Boost7.5bar PressureVertical SteamSpray FunctionDurilium AirglideAutoclean SoleplateAnti Scale SystemAnti Drip SystemHeat-up Time: 2 MinutesSilence TechnologyRemovable Water Tank Capacity: 1.8LtrsScale CollectorEco ModePower Code Length:..
KES 27,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TY9639HO
Power: 43W SuctionX ForceCordless Vacuum CleanerFlex Tube DesignVision System LEDRechargeable TypeCyclonic Technology  3 AccessoriesColour: Grey / PurpleBarcode: 3221616022676..
KES 29,995.00
Brand: Tefal Model: TY9474HO
Power: 100W SuctionAir Flow Flex Pro 360Cordless Vacuum CleanerFlex Tube DesignPower LED VisionRechargeable TypeCyclonic Technology  5 AccessoriesColour: White / Orange..
KES 39,995.00
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