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s-bag® Classic Long Performance

s-bag® is the universal dust bag for all Philips, and Electrolux (Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado) vacuum cleaners with bag. When buying replacement bags, just look for the s-bag® logo. Usage of non-original bags can damage your cleaner.

s-bag® Classic Long Performance

Longer performance, better filtration

  • 4 x dust bags
  • One standard fits all
  • 50% longer lifetime
  • 15% more capacity
A universal standard for an easy choice

A universal standard for an easy choice

The original Philips s-bag® can be used for all Philips and Electrolux Group (Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado) vacuum cleaners with bag. Skip the hassle of endlessly searching for a dust bag, simply look for the s-bag® logo.

50% longer lifetime than traditonal paper bags

50% longer lifetime than traditional paper bags

s-bag® Classic Long Performance lasts 50% longer than traditional paper bags. The special synthetic material of the bag and the 15% bigger capacity ensure optimum airflow to maintain the suction power of your cleaner for longer.

Filters 99% of fine dust

Filters 99% of fine dust

The synthetic material of this vacuum bag filters up to 99% of dust and particles. It filters the air more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as allergens.

Product Information courtesy : Philips

Technical Specifications

Suitable for

FC9050 - FC9079
  • FC8680 - FC8682
  • FC9150 - FC9179
5000 Series, PerformerActive
  • FC8563
  • FC8574 - FC8579
  • FC8584 - FC8589
3000 Series, Performer Compact





  • FC8366 - FC8367
  • FC8370 - FC8379
  • FC8383 - FC8389
  • XD3000
  • XD3010
  • XD3030
  • XD3100
  • XD3110
  • XD3112
  • XD3140
Performer Expert
FC8720 - FC8728
FC9180 - FC9199
Performer Ultimate


  • FC8921 - FC8925
  • FC8941 - FC8957
2000 Series, PowerGo



  • FC8240 - FC8246
  • FC8293 - FC8296
  • FC8250
  • FC8253
  • FC8289


  • FC8320 - FC8329
  • FC8450 - FC8459
7000 Series, Performer Silent


  • FC8741
  • FC8743
  • FC8745
  • FC8779 - FC8786
Accessory specifications
Number of dust bags4
Dust bag materialSynthetic, 4-layer

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