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Easy and faster way to cook rice sufficient for 4-5 persons With 1.8l non-stick inner bowl which is..
KES 3,900.00
Easy and Faster way to cook Rice Sufficient for 7-8 Persons with 2.8L Non-stick inner Bowl which is ..
KES 4,900.00
Power: 1000W Capacity: 1.25L / 10-15 cups Permanent filter holder Glass jar Anti-drip system Si..
KES 4,900.00
Power: 1000W Size of bowl: Mixing bowl 3 litres Blender Capacity: 1.5 litres Speed: 2 speeds Spe..
KES 18,250.00
Dimensions: 563mm (W) x 526mm (D) x836mm (H) Total Net Capacity:98L A+ Energy Saving Mechanica..
KES 22,900.00
Dimensions: 737mm (W) x 607mm (D) x832mm (H) Total Net Capacity:143L A++ Energy Saving Mechani..
KES 25,900.00
Dimensions: 946mm (W) x 562mm (D) x825mm (H) Total Net Capacity:205L A+ Energy Saving Fast Fre..
KES 29,900.00
Hisense 6.5 cu.ft, Gross Volume 170  Lts,  2- Door, SilverMechanical Temperature Control ..
KES 31,900.00
Hisense 8.0 cu.ft, Gross Volume 218 Lts,  2- Door, SilverA++,A+,A Energy Saving Mechanical Tem..
KES 33,900.00
Hisense 9.0 cu.ft/,  Gross Volume 272 Lts, 2- Door, SilverA+ Energy Saving Total No Frost Mul..
KES 47,900.00
Hisense 12.0 cu.ft, Gross Volume 350 Lts,  2- Door, SilverA+ Energy Saving Total No Frost Mul..
KES 57,900.00
 5.5 cu.ft, Gross Volume 157  Lts,  1- Door, SilverA+ Energy Saving Mechanical Contr..
KES 25,900.00
Hisense 6.5 cu.ft, Gross Volume 185 Lts,  1- Door, Silver with DispenserA Energy Saving Semi a..
KES 29,900.00
Power: 450W 5 speeds Turbo button 2.5 litres bowl Bowl with automatic rotation 2 stainless stee..
KES 6,495.00
21 Cuft 600 Litres White Exterior White Aluminium Interior Two Lids (Grey) ..
KES 63,500.00
Non Frost Double Door Refrigerator External Elegant Handle Vegetable Box Humidity Con..
KES 54,900.00
14.5 Cuft No Frost Double Door Refrigerator External Elegant Handle Vegetable Box..
KES 59,900.00
White Powerful 500W Motor 1.5 Litres jar with mill/grinder Durable plastic jar Stainless steel b..
KES 3,695.00
1.7 Litres Plastic jug kettle Corded 2200W Boil-dry protection Sprout design Indicator lamp St..
KES 1,300.00
Von Hotpoint Cordless upright kettle 2200 watts 1.7 litres Boil dry protection Transparent water..
KES 1,500.00
3.8 Litres Boil dry and over heat protection Detachable cord Ergonomic handle Durable Polished S..
KES 3,500.00
Freezer Compartment Wired Shelves 3 Door Racks Vegetable Box Lock and Key ..
KES 17,000.00
Large freezer section Transparent vegetable box Strengthened wire shelves Multiple Door Racks Lo..
KES 25,000.00
Wide Voltage Operation (135 – 270V) Moisture Control vegetable box LED interior lamp ..
KES 30,500.00
Extra Large Freezer Semi Automatic Defrost Fresh zone Wire Shelves Vegetable..
KES 30,900.00
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